Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An Introduction.

Greetings, internet! It's a pleasure meeting you all. On this blog, I will be reviewing games and films of many varieties. I will mainly review whatever it is I have recently experienced that I find would be interesting to review, be it old or new. If I, out of some beautiful miracle, find myself receiving requests, I will try to review those too. I primarily play games on my PC, but I also have a PS3, 3DS and PSP (all three of which I hardly ever use), so I will be limited to reviewing games on these particular platforms. I go to the cinema moderately frequently (it really just depends on how much I actually care about what's coming out) and see most of my movies on DVD. Due to this, I will be limited by my sub-atomic budget when it comes to how many things I can review. I suppose I could always go and re-watch a movie I own and haven't seen for a while if I ever feel I'm running short on material.I look forward to releasing content and hope to get more than 10 hits!

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