Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top Ten Films of 2012

Hello again! It's been a couple weeks, I know. But the Oscars happened and that inspired me to finally throw this list up, so here we go! I'm going to give 3 reasons why each film deserves to be on the list. I'm doing it this way partly because I'm lazy and partly because I've reviewed some of these films and don't see the point in repeating myself. Also, these aren't in any particular order.


-Deliciously stylish, from its visuals to its setting to its inspirations.
-Hands-down the best torture scene I've ever seen.
-The most poetic time travel ending I can think of.

The Cabin in the Woods

-A horror movie about horror movies that can bring me, not exactly a horror fan, to my knees in awe.
-Scientifically proven to be the most meta film ever produced. And on top of just being SO meta, it's a magnificent deconstruction and criticism of horror tropes that still manages to express its undying love for the genre!
-Legitimately funny all the way through.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

-An absolutely indescribable magical film that's literally incomparable to any other movie I have ever seen.
-An 8 year-old child actor as the protagonist who is so talented that she actually contributed to writing her character!
-Finally a post-apocalypse that features colour anddoesn't just have endless rubble and wasteland everywhere.

Moonrise Kingdom

-Truly masterful cinematography, style and colouring. 
-Finally a movie that talks about the overprotective nature of society towards children.
-More fantastic child actors!

The Avengers

-Possibly the most ambitious blockbuster film ever made! It had 5 films worth of build-up and hype and it still managed to amaze everyone!
-Perfectly handles the enormous ensemble cast. Each character has wonderful chemistry with the rest and they all have very well-balanced amounts of screen time.
-An adrenaline-pumping roller coaster ride that at no point forgets that it's still a film.

Killer Joe

-One of the few films of 2012 that understands how to make you care about the unlikable characters that fill its world.
-A remarkable ending that'll leave you with that expression you get when you've just seen something that'll certainly end up on your top ten list at the end of they year (or a sixth into the next year, if you're me).
-Dat fried chicken scene!


-A triumphantly gripping superhero that doesn't have a single action scene until the 3rd act!
-It has three teenagers as its protagonists and you care about all of them.
-Totally doesn't give a fuck about convention. No capes, no names, no saving the world AND it's about the villain!

Life of Pi

-An absolute visual masterpiece.
-Respect to the distributors for spending $120 million on a movie that may very well have been a complete box office failure!
-Spiritually moving in a way very few films are (and that's coming from a hard atheist).

The Raid

-I can't exactly say I've seen every movie, but from what I have seen, this has the best martial arts of all time.
-Literally non-stop action. I mean it. Like, for real.
-Still managed to squeeze a pretty passable story in there (which plenty of other films of its nature never manage to do).

Silver Linings Playbook
-A romantic comedy that's legitimately good? No, more than good. GREAT.
-Unimaginably heartfelt performances from both leads.
-Very maturely, respectfully and beautifully deals with mental illness and its effect on people.

Honourable mention: The FP

-I can't real call it a good movie (cause it's not), but it also wasn't trying to be, and it achieved what it wanted to in every way it could have.
-It's a post-apocalyptic ghetto where rival gangs fight each other to the death in games of Dance Dance Revolution!!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE?!?!?!
-If there's one thing I can legitimately commend it for, it's the script. It's fucking genius.

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